Private Group Bookings and 121s

Location: Cliff Lakes, B78 2DL

Are you particularly nervous?

Or want to do a session with a group of friends or your Swim Tribe?

Or would you like to improve your swimming technique?

I offer group sessions for up to 6 people for up to 1 hour which will be tailored to your goals.

Whether you want to learn front crawl, improve your open water skills or are a competitive triathlete who wants to perfect their technique, or have longer goals such as swimming the Channel, I can cater you your requirements and achieve your personal swimming targets through my flexible approach to coaching.

Cost: £30 per person (max 6 swimmers)

Prefer it to just be you, or just you and a friend?

1-2-1 slots are available and cost £30 for 30 minutes.

2-1 slots are available and cost £20 per person for 30 minutes.

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