Breaststroke to Front Crawl Clinic

Location: Cliff Lakes, B78 2DL

Are you a breaststroker who has always wanted to learn front crawl?

Are you nervous about putting your face in the water?

Would you like to increase your distances?

This 4 week course is for you!

This course includes:

  • Becoming comfortable with putting your face into the water
  • Learning proper exhalation
  • Ensuring correct body position
  • Teaching you correct breathing and timing
  • Learning front crawl with a group of like-minded learners
  • With sighting and swimming in a straight line

Cost: £100 for the 4 sessions

This master class includes 4×45 minute small group sessions and can be completed with or without a wetsuit.

You will require a swimming hat and goggles and it is recommended to have completed an Introduction to Outdoor Swimming first or have some experience of swimming outside.

It you are swimming without a wetsuit, a tow float will be required.

Course 3 dates for 2021:

7pm September 7th
7pm September 14th
7pm September 21st
7pm September 28th

Book Here:

Please note that booking for 7th September 2021, will automatically book you onto the 3 subsequent dates also.